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True Edge Pro app is a screen notification app that comes in the form of edge lighting on your screen and can be customized into various styles as well as colours. The Pro APK is a premium version of the basic app found on the Play Store as it contains all the features that the free app lacks such as the absence of ads among other features.

Anyone who wants to personalize the look of their smartphone or tablet should have True Edge installed on their device. A colorful pad with an attractive border is what you get when you do this to your phone. A small white line will remain around the screen’s perimeter even in sleep mode to aid visibility. As a result, the phone will have an always-on display, but it will show nothing. So that customers don’t waste their battery life unnecessarily, this is done. It’s easy to find the phone in a dark place because of the light from the border. Besides being functional, the app enhances the performance of your smartphone and turns it into a sophisticated tool.


The main feature of this application is to create color effects, but it will not be wrapped in any framework. Users can freely create everything according to their preferences to form the most beautiful space.

The application will give you a variety of colors according to different themes, along with the effects that come with each style.

More specifically, you can preview the themes, choose the effect you feel most like, and apply it to the phone interface.

Once you have done all the above steps, you can try working with your phone screen, and colorful pads with attractive border fill will appear.

In addition, you can interact with them more by repeatedly touching the interface; the color border will not be turned off even when you are not using the phone.

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